Door with no Handle



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7 responses to “Door with no Handle

  1. Trevor

    i think that this is a good picture i like your angle, point of view and it is a interesting “Subject” ‘door w/no handle’ overall i think that you meet the expectations! great job!

  2. 9rob9

    this is an awsome photo. the angle is good the lighting is good and everything else is good i dont realy have any suggestions for this photo. overall best ive seen yet. good job.

  3. grushpete

    Overall, great photo… the color tones are great and give the photo a soft touch… the point of view is also a nice touch…

  4. krabbypatty09

    This is a nice picture. I like the overall look of it and how the no door handle makes the photo look mysterious. The angle this was taken at is amazing.

  5. cowgirlmissy

    This photo reminds me of the castle days. But I question as to why there is no door handle.

    I really like this photo. It’s very different. And theres nothing wrong with that.

    Overall thoughts, good photo. The leaves are beautiful, bring out the other darker colors. This is a great shot, you should try some different angles.

  6. kristina

    luv the photo. awesome angle and exposure!

  7. Jessica

    I really like this. To me this looks like something you would see in a fantasy movie. I love the leaves on the steps and the detail on the walls around it. I must say that the door adds alot of detail. really cool pictures. I like your style.

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